What if I can't sing?

I can adore. I can participate actively with my heart, open to the Word of God, following the liturgical action, being right there for Him in every way.

It is my understanding that the singers in the choir offer their voices to God on our behalf, much as a  ghost writer expresses our thoughts on our behalf, or a senator is meant to express our political needs.  

I can be in the pews as polyphony and chant soars through the air at Mass, giving Our Lord the highest honor we can…. and feel lifted, in some way, I can feel my heart singing, the voices from the choir loft are a vehicle for me to express my love to God since I am before Him!

At Mass, we are before Our Lord present in the Tabernacle, in the Eucharist, and only He can hear our inner heart giving Him honor! We can raise our hearts to God The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit before Christ, in the Holy Trinity.

He Is Who Is

Theos, The One True God

The Name above all Names

The Eternal

The Transcendent

The Power, The Almighty

The Lord is Peace

Eli, My God

The Lord of Hosts

Eternal Beauty

Abba, Our Father

The Creator

The Lord our Sanctifier

The Lord, the God of Israel

Elohim, Majesty, The King of Kings

Adonai,  the Owner, and Master, The Lord of Lords

Eternal Truth

Eternal Goodness

The Lord will Provide

Jesus, God Heals Us

Emmanuel, God With Us

The Eternal Word made Flesh

Light from Light

The Righteous

The Son of God, the Son of Man

The Lamb of God

The Messiah, The Savior

The Christ, the Anointed One

The Bread of Life

The Cornerstone

The Redeemer

The Way, The Truth and the Life

The Gate

The Good Shepherd

The Good Teacher

The Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End,  Who Is to Come

The Holy Spirit

The Consoler

The Defender

The Spirit of the Living God

The Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding

The Spirit of Counsel and Might

The Spirit of Knowledge and Fear of the Lord

The Free Spirit

The Spirit of Grace