Beauty gives hope.


Our non-profit organization, the St. Michael Foundation for Polyphony & Chant is named after the archangel whose name is a question that shows his glorifying heart, the heart we should all have toward The Lord: For Who Is Like God?  That is the name Michael.  It was started by a musician and his wife, of ordinary means, and has been blessed with the help of many volunteers and donors.  It was on our hearts for more than a decade before we were able to launch.  We  fundraise in order to help congregations and musicians adore Christ through crowning, reverent music at Mass.  Beauty in the air, in the moment, can build Cathedrals in people's hearts, inspire others to glorify and adore Our Lord Jesus in the Eucharist. If we have helped any soul in the pews sing praises from the heart, we are serving as we hope to. "Glorify The Lord with me, let us together exalt His Name!"- Ps 34. We endeavor to bring love for God through this enthroning music by a variety of means.  Check out our impact section to learn about our online radio station, youth videoconferences, resources, etc. If you have an initiative you would like us to hear about, to spread or to collaborate on, contact us:


We give thanks to the Lord for our donor/members 

who have contributed toward this cause of beauty to glorify Him.

Without these gifts, our work would be halted.

We can’t say enough thanks to our many pro-bono helpers

who have given us countless amounts of their effort and expertise.

They are listed by project on our websites.

We also give thanks to all who share our work and radio station.

Blessings to all!

yearly contributors 2015 to 2018

(not all are ongoing… listed at their highest level given,

whether as part of a fundraising campaign or for a specific project)

Platinum ($5,000 +)

Agnes Bayer

David & Fanny Moran

Christopher & Constanza Mueller

Michael Vitz

Gold ($1,000 +)

Vito (Stephen & Libby)  Giordano

Gregory & Karen Mueller

David & Laura Hayes

Meghan Berry

Jane Reichle

Dan & Annie Schreck

Donna Weiner

Silver ($500 +)

Alyssa & Matt Stachowiach

Dwayne & Veronica Boulden

Peter & Amy Kelley

Roberto & Margarita Ucero

Tony Fite

Gerald McGovern

Robert & Jeanine Murphy

Elyse Murphy 

Fr. Adaly Rosado 

Maura Sullivan

Catherine Windels

Palestrina ($200 +)

Jeffrey & Daniela Mazzone

Francine & Christopher Burtt

Michael & Antoinette Schwenk Cosentino

Indrayana & Marlina Rustandi

Ferdinand Velasco

Thomas Heckel

Gail Pelli

Fr. Dennis Williams

Bart & Jessica Baldwin

Gautam Bastian

Christine Frissora

Mark & Barbara Kaplan

Tony Deshetler

Kathy Jennings

Timothy Lock

Nicole Perez 

Julia Sitarz

Victoria ($100 +)

James & Dianne Schiavo

Mary Armstrong Bordi 

Dr. Joe McAleer

Chris & Michelle Antenucci

Therese O'Brien

Sarah Rodeo

Celia Batan

Elizabeth Belk

Nathan & Amanda Davis

Michael & Mary Beth De Santis

Maximo DeOleo 

Helena Dewey

Charlotte Gallagher

John Harvey

Amy Heffernan

Steve & Jane Hubbard

Lita Huryn

David Indyk

Theresa Jean-Baptiste

Leila Marie Lawler

William Mahrt

Nora Malone

Christopher & Emily Mancusi

Peter McFadden

Warren McGee

Liam & Melinda O'Brien

Joo-Ok Saeed

Francis Shanne

Doug & Linda Simms

Carolyn Smith 

Andrew & Marie Tallon

Dr. Jeffrey Waxman

Diana Yuan Yuan

Monastic givers ($20 +)

Theodore Doucette

Walter & Peg Rozzi

Scott Rodeo 

Jeanne Schindler

Sullivan Maciag

Hillary Ungerer

Zsuzsanna Angeli

Luis Joseph Apa

Arlin Batan

Paul Bennett

Jonah Bergman

Michelle Daniels

Bruce & Niki Flanders

Brad Goodman

Fr. Brian Graebe

Alicia & Pavo James

Peter Kwasniewski

Alessandro Linardi 

Kathryn Lopez

Art Bryan Manabat

Kelee Marsh

Jean McKnight

Jim & Fran Morlino

Cristina Napolitano

Marianne Palladino

Carol Petrone


Kati & Peter Serenyi

Karen Stutman

Edward Teixeira

Laura Vanderkam

Peter Walker 

Judith Warner

Filumena Weber

Anthony & Jeanne DiProperzio

Mary & Jerry Jacobs

Mary Jopson

Very Rev. Donald Malin

Lorri Wilson

Collette Cherneskie

Joan Pagel and John Holzschuh

Nora Merriam

Rick Bjella

Elizabeth Booth

Michael Chan

Cheryle Fay Clark

Lianne Coble

Jeff Cox

Elizabeth Derham

Mary Dobson

Matthew DuBroy

Elegantly Casual Cuisine

Theresa Falciano

Janine Falgoust

Kristin Gawley

Renee Gosart

Leslie Graves

Vayla Lamara

Norene Lindsay

Michael  & Crystal Loffredo Bailey

Beverly Swerling Martin

Grace Melton

Jeanette Murphy

Bridget Nixon

Pat & Ken Thompson

Vazquez Family

Frank & Charyn Watson

Simonette & Stephen Wilder

Francisco Aguirre-Duque Estrada 

Karen Anderson

Judy Bell

Jorge Angel Diaz Lopez

Sara Kathryn Giorgis 

Jasmine Kuzner 

Maureen Leone

Jeanne Martin 

Richard Meyer 

Kirk Jay Mueller

AJ Nilson

Steven Ogden

Melinda Ortega Loustalot 

Maria Piliero 

Christine Sarracino 

Katie Ryan Sauser 

Alessandra Scarpa 

Elizabeth Weaver 

Seaun Yong Yoon

Carolina Flores

He Li 

Rodger & Priscilla McCaffrey

Theresa Palumbo

Gianna Ballon

Francis Bertolini

Joelle Brichard

Karen Bronson

William Andrew Earnest

Shaun Garrison

Gail Greenfield

Bill Jones

LaVon LeGrand

Javier Maldonado

Elizabeth Masebo

Heath Morber

Timothy Schoepke


Riza Yuzawa

Therese Rodriguez

Leila Chandler

Carmen Denia

Michael Denis