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Gregorian chant and sacred Renaissance polyphony all day, all night!


a resource at people's fingertips to rediscover God's Word set in beauty!

 Launched Christmas 2017, we spread without advertising.  The work of the angels.  In 5 months we served 22,846 listeners in 33 countries! We stopped the broadcast and are in fundraising mode at the moment, for we were about to exceed our royalties license for hundreds of recordings of famous ensembles: The Monks of Solesmes, The Hillard Ensemble, the Tallis Scholars, among many others.  Please pray for this ministry. With the generous permission of artists we have been able to keep some royalty-free music playing on the station for this period of fundraising. We are seeking partnerships and sponsors to rebuild and relaunch.  Please pray for this ministry and join us!

we hope to make this a permanent musical museum of polyphony and chant

This means of evangelization uses technology for good, to build Cathedrals in people's hearts that they may turn to God.  ...a path where the aesthetic conscience of our listeners can grow.  It provides a resource at people’s fingertips, with free iPhone and Android apps and of access on any browser. This makes sacred music easy to share and reference. Music exists in sound and to talk about it without listening forms a veil that can be lifted with  Do you want young people to discover Gregorian chant or sacred Renaissance polyphony?  Just click on the free app or log on at any time night or day!  is a fully licensed station that pays royalties to each artist and recording label.  55% of our listeners were in the United States, 15% in The United Kingdom, 5% in Canada and then others in United Arab Emirates, Myanmar, Ukraine, China, Greece, Japan, Korea, Australia, Lebanon, Singapore, Cote D’Ivoire, Nigeria, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Germany, Romania, Congo, Australia, Spain, France, Poland and the Czech Republic, listening from more than 33 countries.   hopes to hear from live callers and hold interviews as well as broadcast live concerts from many ensembles, now in the planning stages.

Please let us know what your most beloved recordings are, your most beloved ensembles, singing religious orders, and send us your own recordings!  Can we interview you or someone you know?  We have space to share with many the gifts of song in honor of God Who Is Beauty.  We are developing content and would like your opinion and contributions!

Just email us:


It all started when...

friends would ask what polyphony was. What is that?  Do you get it at a pharmacy?  The very word polyphony is in disuse and we are here to use any method to get the word into people's vocabulary again, the sounds into people's hearts again, and into their desire for beauty before The Lord again!  This station is for all ages, and will show that Renaissance polyphony and Gregorian chant can bring joy and peace to our souls.  After all, it is The Eternal Word, The Word of God in its most glorious musical setting.  The gift we give at Mass could be just like this, and after all "who is like God?"  Our gifts to The Lord of all creation could and should be the highest we can offer!

Our little non-profit is dedicated to the spread of polyphony and chant at Mass.  This station is here to increase opportunities for all people to learn about polyphony by experiencing it, by listening.

We hope that over time, it will be exactly what people ask for to be sung at Masses everywhere.

May The Lord bless you and keep you, may He shine His face upon you and give you peace!