Polyphony proclaims the word of God with beauty.


We have a growing prayer group daily raising their request to heaven for the protection of musicians dedicated to polyphony and chant at Mass, their families and supporters. Please join us!

Musicians, their families and supporters:

Scott Turkington

David Hughes

Jennyifer Donelson

Gregory Glenn

Jeff Ostrowski

Peter Kwasniewski

Michael Olbash

Richard Clark

Sarah Rodeo

Joshua Guenther

William Mahrt

Christopher Mueller

Heitor Caballero

Samuel Schmitt

There are no specified prayers. Here is one we wrote, but if you join you can do it your way. Just do it daily.

We call upon the Holy Spirit to support and guide us in a way that is pleasing to Our Lord. With your prayer, we can not fail. We ask you to sign up as a prayer warrior for our cause, below.


We ask for the spiritual company and intercession of The Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph of the Purest Heart, St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael, the archangels, as we pray:

Oh, Lord Jesus! Nothing in this world is greater than Thy Superessential Presence in the Holy Eucharist!  We lift our souls in gratitude for Thy redeeming love that beautifies every soul!  We want to help fill Thy churches with reverence from every heart, Lord! Thou, God, hast made every person in Thine image and likeness, therefore there is beauty at the heart of every man, woman and child. We offer polyphony and chant as intercessory prayer to reflect Thy Beauty in the hearts of Thy beloved children in the pews, that they may find freedom to love Thee, to experience their own internal beauty which is Thine inheritance to all and feel the angelic presence at Mass speaking to them, inspiring them to trust Thee further as Father, Redeemer and Consoler, to entrust their cares and struggles to Thee, their hopes and dreams, as beauty lifts their minds and hearts to Thee. Only Thou canst bring the fullest peace and insight to each of Thy children so we ask for Thine aid that we may provide and share resources, encouragement and support for all and everyone who can do this work of beauty to be sung before Thee at Mass and for beauty to grow in people’s hearts, to foster unity in Thy Church, to grow love of Thee, to grow reverence for Thee, reverence for Thy Presence, to grow good will among all the faithful, and rapid aid given to all in need, to inspire friendship, devotion and the highest possible efforts be given wholeheartedly in Thy honor, as we perfect our relationship with Thee.  Aid us Lord, that we may evangelize through this gospel of beauty, Thy grace-filled Word in music, advancing closeness of all Thy children to Thee, beauty for Thee, from Thee, before Thee Our Creator, Trinitarian God of Eternal Beauty!  In Thy Holiest Name, Jesus, we pray.  Amen.


Tell us your state & country, so we'll know where people are praying for polyphony and chant.