Is beauty essential to the human heart?


Beauty Himself offered God's Word in love to His people, 

beauty for God's Word given with love from His people.




We are grateful for every Holy Mass celebrated around the world,

and we humbly ask the Holy Spirit to sustain our sevenfold mission:


1. To foster for people everywhere in the world an experience of the Mass sung with timeless beauty.

2. To warm the hearts of all who hear, and incline them towards God.

3. To honor the Lord of all mankind by offering beauty to Him Who is Beauty.

4. To encourage volunteers, professionals, teens, children, and families to sing polyphony and chant at their local churches around the world, and offer resources for this purpose.

5. To help parishes transition toward polyphony and chant.

6. To promote the use of polyphony and chant, consistently throughout the Mass.

7. To offer a financial safety net for musicians whose lifelong dedication to polyphony and chant may not always be rewarded.


We hope that this foundation may serve every country in the world and outlive its founders.  Be part of it and also join us in prayer!