Beauty gives hope.


Our non-profit organization, the St. Michael Foundation for Polyphony & Chant is named after the archangel whose name is a question that shows his glorifying heart, the heart we should all have toward The Lord: For Who Is Like God?  That is the name Michael.  It was started by a musician and his wife, of ordinary means, and has been blessed with the help of many volunteers and donors.  It was on our hearts for more than a decade before we were able to launch.  We  fundraise in order to help congregations and musicians adore Christ through crowning, reverent music at Mass.  Beauty in the air, in the moment, can build Cathedrals in people's hearts, inspire others to glorify and adore Our Lord Jesus in the Eucharist. If we have helped any soul in the pews sing praises from the heart, we are serving as we hope to. "Glorify The Lord with me, let us together exalt His Name!"- Ps 34. We endeavor to bring love for God through this enthroning music by a variety of means.  Check out our impact section to learn about our online radio station, youth videoconferences, resources, etc. If you have an initiative you would like us to hear about, to spread or to collaborate on, contact us: